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It just seemed impossible to make this.

I like taking up orders which are quite challenging ,which pushes me  over the edge,test my skills and patience and inspires me to do better and above all this, builds my self confidence.One such mail I received during october 2015.She saw this bedding and really il_570xN.622615603_w9dw really like the color,though she was not sure of the pattern.She wanted something more rich ,has more texture and frills.She showed me a picture and when I traced that picture it took me to one of the best and known sites in home furnishing.I asked her why does she not purchase that style from there.She tried to purchase but they did not have it in that colour(electric cobalt blue).And was trying if someone could make it for  her.The design was truly beautiful and I was wondering if I can ever make something like that.I took up this order and started my work my  assurance to her was this intial concept that I made in charcoal grey .DSC_0500.JPG she was quiet happy to see this pic and then placed her order.After a month I came up with my art piece.db5.jpg well this picture (above) is not a very great one .I finally dispatched the item and was looking forward to her feedback.She was really happy with the product and send me a pic of my design in her beautiful bedroom.icm_fullxfull.73098322_72dd721l9bc4ogo0g88o.jpg And last month I got another order from Italy but in a different colour.:) il_570xN.915478649_h83g.jpg      

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